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Karl-Heinz Zimmer

Caith Esra Ulvar
Early short stories
(review in English language)

    - Café Writing
    - Degenerative Diseases of the Brain
    - Love is Cruel to the Sensitive Kind
- contemporary short stories -

Esra is one of my favourite authors on twitter. I discovered her autumn 2017 on my search for interesting blogs. The energetic entries caught my eye. And early this year I finally got to see her new author's page:
Caith Esra Ulvar  Of the Wolves  

Under the name of Esra she writes her novels and short stories in English and her debut novel Romka is released on a monthly basis on   Patreon  .

This review is dedicated to her three, early short stories that are offered for free on her Patreon page. You can read them and decide afterwards if you like her writing style and therefore want to support her in her writing and pay as much as you like.

Date of creation

The stories with an autobiographical tint were written in 2012 and published a year later.

A concise style with straight forward, clear words

Esra writes her short stories almost breathless, as if she was afraid she might lose the courage to write once she comes to a halt. Her perspective draws you in and makes you - in a very touching manner - live the story as if you would see everything through the protagonist's eyes and even think with her head.

A brief description with excerpts

Café Writing

An enchanting episode from the life of a young author who's ability to observe is just as prominent as her desire not to be the centre of attention. :)

(...) At the table to my left a boy and a girl, talking, smiling, sipping their mochas, sneaking sideways glances out of awkward silences. She leans over and touches his forearm and he tenses and the forearm isn't just a forearm anymore and she looks deep into his eyes and smiles and blushes a little. (...)

I head for the door and every one of my steps is taking the time of two. I can see the baristas shuffling behind the counter, the one who's been staring me down coming after me. I try to quicken my steps but (...)

Degenerative Diseases of the Brain

A very realistic and unsparing glimpse into the daily life of a nursing home from the perspective of a young nurse. You get to meet some residents and part of the staff. The story leaves you pensive, about younger and older people, about your perception of the world and even about feelings.

When I walk into her room Mrs. Goldberg does not recognize me. Every morning I help her out of bed, clean her up, and dress her. Every morning we meet for the first time. Some days she is thankful for my help. She calls me love, sweetheart, darling. Some days she curses me under her breath, scratches my arm (...)

I nod and when he smiles and leans in, his chest brushing my shoulder, I regret that I did. The heat radiating off him makes me go back to daydreaming about (...)

Love is Cruel to the Sensitive Kind

Realistic description of an unhealthy and unfair relationship, without withwashing or excuses. For me the saddest yet most impressive from all the three stories. I salute the author for her courage and skill to realize the story so intensely.

(...) I take a sip, spit it back into the glass and put it down by the foot of the bed. You take a swig from the bottle. I wish I'd brought beer. You sit down beside me and lean in. I lean away and reach for my bag. I take out a half-eaten bag of chips (...)

The world is a fog and I can't see anything beyond you and I can't feel anything beyond you and I tingle and I ring and I push you away just to pull you back to me and I roll my eyes and cry louder than that small part of me that hates you. (...)

My recommendation:

Read one of the stories without a break - and then read them again!

Let the immediacy of the plot get to you.

I would appreciate your opinion (Twitter-link below) :)

Kind regards, your Karl-Heinz

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