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Karl-Heinz Zimmer
22. April 2018

Our Nutrition and the suffering of animals
(article in English language)

Thoughts on responsibility and our silence
Dear Follower,

these thoughts have been rumbling inside me for quite some time now. I'm a little unsure how to phrase them well and I invite you to read them patiently and consider them.

I wonder where I'm mistaken since I can't convince people of the following deliberation despite saintly patience, friendly understanding and a lot of listening. Therefore, as I said before, I would be thankful if you would think along.
It concerns this seemingly logical thought:

The moment you or me buy meat or sausages (...)
we immediately bear the responsibility
for the husbandry of the animal
from which it is made or taken
and for the suffering the animal had to endure from it.

The idea came to me thinking about the saying:

»It is worse to condone a crime than to commit it!«

Following chain of thoughts:

1. As a customer, I am the one with the money, which means I decide from WHOM I buy WHAT.
2. If I buy meat (or other products) from factory farming, I pay the farmer (on a small detour over intervening trading companies) to keep and slaughter the animals this way.

In other words: I am -as the buyer- the client to this factory farming!

Okay, but why the saying? Why am I »worse«, what am I doing that is bad?

Are these animals our criminal enemies and have to be punished?

Seriously: Are these pigs, cows, poultry vile beasts, which are after our blood? Have they already killed our relatives and we can only save ourselves from their persecution, by herding the critters together in the tightest of spaces, stimulate turbo growth per antibiotic, then kill and eat them?

Is that our only option and our right, almost as self-defence, because otherwise the animals would destroy us mercilessly?

Do I HAVE TO buy meat from a pig that got it's tail cut off as a small piglet without anesthetization? This is done to 90% of all pigs in Germany, despite legal prohibitions and the authorities look(ed) away for years. In the meantime, the EU is investigating officially against Germany.

WHY is the innocent piglet's tail cut off? Because these sensitive animals, imprisoned by the thousands in a narrow stable, going all stir-crazy, out of sheer frustration and despair, they discover and nibble at the ONLY thing that offers a little distraction in their desolate lives: The ringlet tail of one of the other pitiable pigs.

Most of you know pigs from large-scale wildlife parks, their lively and varied life :) and their often so wide awake and smart-looking actions.
Although their tails are smaller than those of our beloved pet dogs, they have a very similar function (including as an actively used mood indicator). :)

How desperate must such an animal be that it begins to nibble at or even chew of other pigs' tails, ignoring their pained screams because they cannot escape their torment in the narrow stable?

WHY do I buy meat form such a factory farming?

WHY don't I ask in a normal restaurant polite but determined where the meat comes from?

WHY isn't that a normal (yet important) question to us, considering the numerous kinds of suffering caused by the 'common' factory farming thousands of times on pigs, cows, poultry and other animals on a daily basis?

Pensive Greetings
Your Karl-Heinz

PS: Please use the twitter-link below so you can directly answer to my tweet about this topic.

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